M.I.D. European Directive

The directive

The European Directive 2014/32/EU, better known as Directive MID (Measuring Instruments Directive), is a community norm responding to reasons of public interests, safety and order, environment protection as well as preventing consumer from false measurement, of levying taxes and duties and of fair trading. All these applications, which directly and indirectly affect the daily life of citizens in many ways, may require certified measuring systems subject to legal verification.
The MID MI-009 involves dimensional measuring instruments, this is required for measuring devices in winding cable machines.

Our measuring instruments

Our engineering team took the actual measuring devices that conformed the old PTB certification and redesign it for the new Directive, they adapted 6 measure devices to conform module B, accuracy class III, for a maximum linear speed of 200meters/minute, with a high resolution in millimeters and conforming CE with safety protections.
The LOIMEX measures M20, M20/S, M40, M40/S, M60 and M60/S series comply with metrological standards and requirements concerning accuracy as defined in the MID MI-009 Directive and can be used therefore as approved meters also in legal transactions.
On 1st November 2016 we got the certification CH-MI009-16002-00 from METAS Switzerland


M20 ( 0 - 20mm Ø ) M40 ( 3 - 40mm Ø ) M60 ( 10 - 60mm Ø )

Presentación final del proyecto para evaluación MID en METAS

Welmec 7.2

The Welmec is a guidance to all those concerned with the application of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), especially for software-equipped measuring instruments.
We had to apply to this normative to get the MID certification when using digital counters, with our measuring devices and with the CD-Touch-MID3 digital counter, you can get a MID certification by a notified body.

The digital counter can store more than 9000 records of measurements and invalidate incorrect measures, like wrong accelerations, exceeding 200meters/minute and giving a record for each measure, fully compliant to the 2014/32/EU Directive.

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