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Counter conforms mid homologation CD-TOUCH-MID3  

Counter approved for mesuring instrument M.I.D. directive, with capacity up to 999,999,999 meters, color touch screen with record in memory of the measurements. Precision class III.

  • Counter display with light, quantity pre-length, speed line and working indications.
  • Alarm and fault indication indicated on screen
  • Saves the measures in 9.999 records along with the date and hour of the measure.
  • For LOIMEX measures with perimeter wheel of 500mm or 1000mm
  • Speed configuration of 100 or 200 meters / minutes.
  • 5 outputs (FAULT, WARN, SLOW, STOP, ALARM)
  • 1 entry (RESET counter)
  • Conforms to WELMEC 7.2 standards. Examination certification Nș CH-MI009-16002-00
  • Power 24vdc (optional accessory CD-TOUCH-MID.PWR for 220V/110V 50-60Hz)
  • Can be installed to a measure or in a mast.
  • Approved for precision instrument (Directive 2004/32/EU)
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