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The cable cutters are integrated in the cable meter and facilitate the use of the same in the machine, providing greater safety and quality in the cable cut. Depending on the meter and the type of cable to be cut, there are different solutions for coupling the meter.

Hydraulic Cutters
Grinder saw
Cutters Manual
Hydraulic Cutters
SH40for cutting cable up to 40mmŲ Cu-Al 
SH41for cutting cable up to 40mmŲ Cu-Al - Double blades 
SH60for cutting cable up to 60mmŲ Cu-Al 
SH80for cutting cable up to 80mmŲ Cu-Al 
SH100for cutting cable up to 100mmŲ Cu-Al 
Grinder saw
TD40for cutting steel wire rope up to 22mm Ų 
TD60for cutting steel up to 32mm Ų 
TD80for cutting steel up to 55mm Ų 
Cutters Manual
BRD-S35to cut electric cables from 1 to 35 mm Ų 
S35SBfor manually cutting cable, 35mmŲ Cu-Al 
S50SBfor manually cutting cable, 50mmŲ Cu-Al