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Automatic cable cutting machine MTR50/AR  

Automatic cable cutting machine, for making repetitive cuts of cables from 1 to 44 mm. outer diameter and lengths from 100mm up to 999 meters and accuracy of +/- 1%

Main features
  • Frame build using bent sheet metal, forming a compact high-strength body.
  • Length measuring encoder of 500 pulses to provide accuracy of 1%
  • Touch screen for easy handling of the information which can be connected to a computer by wifi
  • Two powerful drive belts ensures a perfect processing across the entire range of cables
  • The belts can be actuated by a manual ratchet pressure or pneumatic as an option.
  • Acoustic signal and visual signal tower when finishing cuts
  • Motor drive with reduction gear with an electronic frequency converter.
  • Speed from 0.5meter/minute to 20meter/minute.
  • Maximum safety category, CE normative mark
Cable type
mm minimum 1
mm maximum 44
Round cable accuracy 1%
Speed 25 mts / min
Number of cuts of 1 meter 12 per minute
Steel cable optional
Technical features
Power kW (HP) 1.5 ( 2 )
Voltage (V / Hz) 220/110 V 50-60 Hz
Hydraulic cable cutter optional
Technical features
(Large x Width x Height) 1000 x 650 x 900
Weight Kg 198



electrical cable cutter, to add to the MTR50/AR
Cutting electric wires, automatically triggered when reached the programmed length.
storage tray
Cable storage tray to stock the cable at the output of the machine.
Bench set with transport wheels
Desk for the machine MTR50 / AR to move the machine, consists of four wheels with brakes and shelf for storing objects.
automatic up to 1.000mm - 800 Kg.
The automatic pay-off cable machine allow the cable to be extracted safely and to ensure a cable tension through a dander arm.
Machines built using European Security normative CE