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Automatic unwinder DVR100  

The automatic pay-off cable machine allow the cable to be extracted safely and to ensure a cable tension through a dander arm.
Machines built using European Security normative CE

Range of application
Unwind drums of cable with a maximum weight of 1000 mm and maximum weight of 800 kg.
In combination with automatic processing cable machines, compatible with Metzner, Ramatech, Komax and Schleuniger machines.
  • Sturdy frame construction with steering wheels.
  • For drums up to 1000mm and 710 mm width
  • Hydraulic cylinder with a hand pump for lifting the drums
  • Electro-hydraulic optional to fast operation for lifting
  • fast ramp and adjustable speed regulator with the use of a frequency inverter.
  • Safety cage with automatic switch lock following the CE securities directive
mm minimum 600
mm maximum 1000
maximum width mm 710
Maximun weight kg. 800
Reel Elevation
by electro hydraulic
Dimensions 1.700x1.800x1.950 mm



Hydraulic elevation, optional element for the DTR machines
The lifting and lowering of the reel and the coil is done hydraulically by means of a cylinder and driven by a hydraulic motor-pump with electro valves.
dancing arm for measurer M40
This cable tension controller device is installed on the entry of the cable measurer. It will maintain the minimal tension for a cable of mm, and placed to the entry of the measurer
cable accumulator for cable up to 40mm
The dancing arm with buffer accumulator allows to connect the unwinding machine (pay-off) to the measuring machine with a proper working tension.