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Measuring unit for twisted cable type mtr100 MTR100  

The wire and cable measuring device can be used in a fixed position or together with machines for reeling and coiling cables.

Constructed for heavy industry production with major components fixed safely inside of the measuring device. Strong entry guide rollers to allow the cable to be fed from reel jacks, racks or unwinding devices.

High precision
Range of application
To measure round and twisted cable from 6 to 100 mm & 1000 mm pitch
For lenght measuring of other materials that are not rounded.
  • Steel housing
  • Two lower fixed wheels with one belt- one serves as a measuring wheel
  • Two upper moving wheels with various intermediate rollers to press the cable, joined together by a special belt.
  • Dual spring traction and protective cover
  • Actuated by lever through rack and pinion mechanism
  • Two straightening rollers adjustable to cable diameter.
  • Two vertical guide rollers adjusted by spindle
  • Counting mechanism with continuous indication of the measure
  • Measure capacity 9999,99 meters.
  • 0,5 % accuracy
  • Speed measure: max. 70 m. / minute.
Cable diameter 3 to 50 mm & 500 mm 5 to 70 mm & 700mm 6 to 100 mm & 1000 mm
Counter capacity 9 999.99 mts 9 999.99 mts 9.999,99 mts
Counter with preselection O O O
Round cable accuracy 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
Twisted cable accuracy 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
M.I.D. certification NO NO NO
Dimensions 800x275x670 mm 1.070X300X670 mm 1.400x370x810 mm

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