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Hand held cable measurer H11  

Manual measuring device designed for measuring length of cables quickly, easily and accurately. Its reduced size and weight makes it perfect for measurements directly from the place where the coil of wire or the cable drum is placed.

Range of application
Electric wires, cables, cords, etc. from 5 to 21 mm
  • Housing and pressure stirrup made out of light alloy
  • Steel measuring wheel, 20mm in circumference, knurled surface.
  • Rubber covered pressure roller
  • Pressure via 2 tension springs on the pressure stirrup.
  • Two guide rollers on the inlet side.
  • Roller counter with continuous indication of the measuring results,
  • Measuring range 999.99 meters.
  • Zeroing via pressure lever.
Cable diameter 5-21 mm 5-21 mm
Counter capacity 999,99 mm 999,99
Accuracy approx. 1.0 % 1.0 %
Steel cable - 5-12 mm
Dimensions 295x160x65 mm 295x160x65 mm
Weight Kg 1.100 1.120