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Cd-tactil-5,7c-touch panel CD-TACTIL-57C  
Cd-tactil-5,7c-touch panel

Capacity of up to 999,999.99 meters or in inches, added cm by cm, a touch TFT colour screen of 5,7" with measurement indication, pre-selection and working situation.

The counter obtains the measurement from a 500p encoder assembled on the measurer unit which obtains a high precision value of the cable measured, all of which is assembled with the corresponding couplings and protection.

Using two pre-selection values, one for dragging and the other for the final measurement, a perfect measurement is obtained and by this way you avoid the typical measurement error that is produced by machine inertia when you have only one preselection.

  • START/STOP button for start and finish of the winding from the screen and from physical buttons.
  • Manual push button enables slow speed winding when protection is opened and always while the button is pressed.
  • Pre-selected quantity, coil speed and working indications are displayed on a illuminated screen.
  • On screen display of cable pitch if the machine is fitted with an electronic cable layer.
  • Fast key to enter the measurement pre-selection.
  • Alarm and fault indication indicated on screen.
  • Hydraulic automate control (if the machine has one available)
  • Working hours and meter totalizers.
  • Can be connected to a PC for handling orders, for meter control and printing.
  • Possibility of extending I/O to automate the machine.
Screen size 5,7" 7"
Accuracy encoder 500p 500p