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Cog rail Reel-Jack
Hydraulic Reel-Jack
Reel-bearing axles
Unwinding rollers
CDV100unwinding drums with tension and stop movement 
CDV100-Mmotorized winder and unwinder platform device 
GMR800for unwinding drums up to 800 mm  
GRR1200for unwinding drums up to 1.200 mm  
GRL1400for unwinding drums up to 1.400mm and 1.500 Kg. 
GRL1800for unwinding drums up to 1.800mm and 1.500 Kg.  
GRP300for unwinding drums up to 800mm diameter 
GRP600for unwinding drums up to 800mm diameter 
Turning table
PDV140unwinding plate 1.400mm - 2.500 Kg 
PDV160unwinding plate 1.600mm - 2.500 Kg 
PDV200unwinding plate 2.000mm - 4.000 Kg 
PDV250unwinding plate 2.500mm - 4.000 Kg