Line for coiling and cutting cable coils for high-power transformers
Custom design and installation of a fully automatic line for cutting and handling cables for a manufacture of high-voltage transformers.
Maximum security guarantee throughout the process and above the ISO 12100 standard, according to the approval of the customer and for which we won the tender for Siemens AG.

Siemens AG which is manufacturing high-voltage transformer in Nuremberg had the need to change its cutting cable machine, necessary for the manufacture of high-power transformers, for a completely new one.

For the new machine, it was essential to respect the paper-coated isolation for the cable and not damage it, throughout the unwinding, measuring, coiling and cutting process. And, in addition, to go one more step in the European standard CE safety and adapt it above to the security required by Siemens.

The Special Projects Engineering division at LOIMEX, designed the machine according to Siemens specifications, adapting our standard products and connecting them to each other with maximum safety.

The measurer incorporates the standard hydraulic cutter, which makes a straight cut of the cable and also to cut the insulating paper without damaging or disassembling it. The measurer when making the cut incorporates a system that prevents the cable to move back.
Once the cut is made, tweezers specially designed for the project, hold the cable of the prepared coil, so that the operator can enter at the winding area and securely pick up the end, to tie it on the coil.

The entire process must ensure that the insulating paper of the cable is not damaged, or contaminated, at any stage of the work in the cutting and winding.

For more information on Siemens transformers you can consult the following page.

The following LOIMEX standard products were used to carry out the special project: unwinding machine type DVF3 with brake unit, bridge with electronic traverse unit type TRP-PU, cable measurer M60 with hydraulic cutter SH60 and based on our coill winder DTR100.

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