Cable labeling and high speed verification
Project developed for a shipyard to mark the cable, for traceability in the installation of cable trays, to be able to identify the cable when it is maintained in a group of cables.

When the client contacted us for the study and development of a machine that was capable of marking the cable with colors in addition to an identification with a barcode in datamatrix, the only possible way today, was the standard labeling.

We discard laser marking, since although it offers a fast marking speed, it does not allow the use of colors, also depending on different types of cable material, it does not correctly mark the cable and with the aggravation of the detachment of harmful elements when burning the rubber.

Inkjet printing also did not easily allow more than two colors to be used, in addition to the problems with ink maintenance.

So the only option was to contact 3M to develop a special colored labels with perfect adhesion for the different types of cables.

In addition to the machine, the software division developed the program to import all print jobs and optimize the orders to print, for minimizing the label change.
Vision cameras were added, capable of detecting if the label was attached, verification of the labeled color and real-time verification of the data in the label's datamatrix.

The machine can unwind 6 tons and wind 5 tons with drums of a maximum of 2.5 meters in diameter. The working range for cables is, from 15mm to 60mm and with speeds of up to 100 meters / minute

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