Cable bunch management machine
Solution for measuring cable bunches by the integration in a single line consisting in a reel-rack a table for guiding all the cables straight to a measuring machine with the possibility of working up to 100 different cables and a coiler capable of winding two complete coils.

This semi-automatic solution, reduces the cost of coil processing, minimize errors in cable bunches manufacturing which makes a cost-effective solution. It is mainly focused on the railway and lifting industry.

All the control is integrated with our "SoftWinding" software that can manage the whole set; cable reel rack, cable measurement and coiling, from a unique interface and with the benefit to import cables bunch to the project directly from the engineering BOM list and tailor-made for each project. In addition, it is able to control the performance in the process and the real cable bunch measurement.

The measuring machine identifies the cables needed using the indicators that light up to make the bunch. At the time of measurement, the machine will stop automatically and indicate by means of flashing LED, which cable must be made, which can be cut or manipulation process to add a component.

The high capacity of the winder, can process up to 100 cables at once or make two coils bunches at the same time.

For the traceability of the finished cable bunches, QR labels are automatically printed in order to identify them and keep the traceability during the assembly process and dispatch.

We have currently several installations of this project for different customers in; Spain, Chile, Brazil and the United States.

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