Entreprise leader dans le secteur de la manipulation de câble depuis presque 45 ans en fabriquant des machines, distribution d'outils pour des électriciens et en offrant un service impecable au clients.


Nos produits

Fabrication de machines et d'accessoires pour mesurer, rebobiner, couper et stockes des câbles, ainsi que la distribution d'outils spéciaux pour des électriciens et des accessoires pour la pose de câble.

Company presentation


  • 1920 Founding of German TEUSCHER METER company, specialist in measuring and cable winding..
  • 1960 The German Group BRACHT purchases TEUSCHER METER and renames the company to TEMETER
  • 1970 TEMETER decided to move the manufacture of machinery to Spain to reduce costs, and they founded TEMETER IBERICA in Badalona - Spain, currently LOIMEX.
  • 1975 Since the oil crisis, the German Group BRACHT sold TEMETER to SELVE company in Germany, renaming the company to SELVE-TEMETER. TEMETER IBERICA becomes independent and continues to produce machines for the German market.
  • 1985 Company moves to Premia de Dalt—Barcelona and renames the company name to LOIMEX.
  • 1999 First certification of the company to ISO 9001
  • 2003 SELVE-TEMETER in Germany is sold to VETTER-KABEL in Lottsttotten—Germany
  • 2010 Machinery exports exceeds the domestic sales.


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